Welcome from the Chair

Councillor Julia Rostron

Councillor Julia Rostron

Welcome to the website of Middlesbrough Environment City (MEC) – an independent charity that works across Middlesbrough to promote and encourage healthy and sustainable living.  We hope that you will take this opportunity to look through the pages of the website and that you will be encouraged by the wide range of activities taking place.

MEC was formed in 1992 and became an independent charity in 1997.  Middlesbrough is one of only four Environment Cities in England – the others are Leeds, Peterborough and Leicester.  The charity works closely with Middlesbrough Council and other partners from the public, voluntary, community and private sectors to deliver a diverse range of projects each year, including food growing, energy efficiency, cycling and outdoor play, using the One Planet Living approach.

One Planet Living is the tool used in Middlesbrough to describe healthy and sustainable living in a simple way.  The basis of One Planet Living is that if everyone on Planet Earth consumed resources as we do in the UK, we would need three planets to sustain us.  As we have only one planet, we need to reduce our use of resources, but in a way that improves Quality of Life and, especially in the current times of austerity, saves money.  One Planet Living consists of ten easy to understand principles that enable individuals, communities and organisations to become more sustainable.  Middlesbrough is one of only three local authorities in the country to be accredited as a One Planet Region by international charity Bioregional.

In the current economic climate, it is more important than ever to ensure the prudent use of resources and enable our residents to play an even greater part in our communities.  These priorities are embraced within the One Planet vision and the website contains many examples of how actions driven by the One Planet Living programme are helping to save residents money, enable communities to make a contribution and improve Quality of Life for local people.

I hope that our website will encourage you to consider how you can contribute to One Planet Living and help others make positive changes to a healthier, sustainable lifestyle.