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Businesses, organisations and community groups from across Middlesbrough have joined together to form the Middlesbrough Food Partnership. Together they have created a Food Action Plan for Middlesbrough which aims to ensure that everyone has access to healthy nutritious and affordable food. (Click on the image to find out more)

Businesses and residents will be able to get involved and support the Action Plan by signing up to the Food Charter, or the People’s Food Pledge (see below).

Middlesbrough Food Charter

The Food Charter gives businesses, organisations and community groups the opportunity to make a real difference to local food issues by making a commitment to support at least one of the six themes of the action plan – it might be by serving locally produced food in their canteen or pledging to cut down on food waste. Here are some ideas of what you can do, and links to where more ideas and support can be found.

Health and nutrition

To help people eat a nutritious, balanced diet and improve access to affordable food, and to encourage businesses to provide safe and healthy food.

Turn your organisation into a good food environment.

Middlesbrough Council workplace health
North East Better Health at Work Award
Extra Life
NHS Choices
Food 4 Health
Food hygiene and safety
Healthy and sustainable recipes
Change 4 Life – top tips for healthy eating

Reducing food waste

Helping people and businesses to minimise, recycle and compost food waste.

Information for Businesses:

Support for business to reduce waste
Driving out waste in food & drink manufacturing and retailing 

Information for householders:

Recycling and packaging
Compost and waste
Love food, hate waste
Love food Hate waste – storage

A strong local food economy and catering

Helping businesses and settings to procure and provide healthy and sustainable food to boost local prosperity and keep value in the local economy.

Better Health at Work Awards
Use locally produced food wherever possible 
Food for Health Middlesbrough
Food for Life Catering Mark

Local and sustainable food

Support initiatives that bring people and businesses together and help them increase the availability, consumptions and production of healthy, affordable food.

Use locally produced food wherever possible
Buy from local farmers’ and country markets
Promote food growing to staff, clients, and customers – for training and advice contact MEC
Use seasonal food wherever possible

Fairness in the food chain and tackling food poverty

Promoting Middlesbrough’s Fairtrade programme and ensuring priority is given to tackling food poverty.

Fairtrade in Middlesbrough
Middlesbrough Fairtrade Directory
Food Poverty – Healthy Cooking on a budget

Education and skills

Please show your support to Middlesbrough’s Food Action Plan by signing up to the Food Charter Click here to go to the Food Charter

Businesses and organisations who have signed up to the Food Charter include:

How local organisations can help?

  • Buy locally produced food to reduce transport related emissions and support the local economy.
  • Serve healthy, seasonal and fairly traded food.
  • Recycle packaging – try to buy food that doesn’t have lots of packaging with it. If there is packaging left over, click here to see where it can be recycled.
  • Buy Fairtrade food if the food is not produced locally – look for the Fairtrade logo.
  • Compost food waste and recycle green waste.
  • Look through your business plans to see if you can do more to help.
  • Encourage your customers and employees to:

– Reduce food waste
– Support local shops and retailers in the town – this keeps money in the local economy
– Grow their own food at home or in allotment
– Eat healthily by cutting down on amount of food with added sugar and salt
– Eat less meat and more fresh fruit
– Take physical exercise regularly to reduce the risk of obesity, heart disease and cancer
– Read the labels on food to buy healthy

Support One Planet Middlesbrough to help protect the environment and save money. By doing so you will also be supporting public health priorities.

Consider the broader challenges

  • Food accounts for approximately 25% of the town’s ecological footprint.
  • 40% of food is imported into the UK. Affordable food will become scarcer as the world population grows, which will harm low income households first.
  • Climate change and declining natural resources will have an adverse impact on food production
  • Ill health and poor diets cost the NHS over £8 billion each year.
  • Annual food waste in the UK stands at £420 per household per year.
  • An effective local food framework will improve the local economy, create more local wealth and help local businesses prosper.
  • Middlesbrough People’s Food Pledge

    We want Middlesbrough to be a place where local people can eat good quality, healthy food that is easy to buy, offers value for money that is produced locally wherever possible. The Middlesbrough Food Partnership, led by Middlesbrough Environment City, is producing a plan to help local people make good choices about food.

    We are asking local people to sign up to this Food Pledge and try to make small changes to their food habits. We know that good food is essential for a good quality of life and a healthy lifestyle.

    Our ambitions include making sure we can all access quality food at affordable prices, whether we buy it or grow it ourselves. We want to reduce and recycle the packaging our food comes in, reduce the amount of food we waste and make sure that the food we buy is produced in a fair way and helps local businesses and producers.

    If you are able to achieve one or more of the ambitions listed below, then you will be doing something really positive to ensure that Middlesbrough has great food, a great environment, great places to buy and eat food, and most importantly healthy local people.


    Please show your support to Middlesbrough’s Food Action Plan by signing up to the People’s Food Pledge Click here to go to the Food Pledge

    How you can help

    Try to eat a healthy diet – training and advice is available in cooking healthy food as cheaply as possible. Check out MEC’s recipes

    Don’t cook more than you need – try to cook the right amount of food so you are not wasting your money on leftover food. If you do have food left over try and re-use it, put it in the right waste bin or compost if appropriate.
    Buy food that is produced local to Middlesbrough (within 50 miles). It means the food hasn’t been transported a long way (damaging the environment) and helps support the local economy
    Use local shops to help support the local economy, local jobs and the local community – some places that sell local produce can be found here.
    Recycle packaging – try to buy food that doesn’t have lots of packaging with it. If there is packaging left over, please check your recycling guide/Council website to see what materials can be placed in your blue lidded bin for recycling.
    Buy Fairtrade items – look for the logo in Middlesbrough
    Grow your own food – it’s a great way of being outdoors, can save you money and you don’t need lots of space. We can run courses to help you do this – contact us for details
    Ask your employer, school or local community organisations to support the work of the Food Partnership and sign up to the Middlesbrough Food Charter.